Founded in 1996, IDC Group has established itself as a diversified multinational business entity – specializing in people development, engineering, sustainable living and green building design.

We pride ourselves on a long-standing reputation, trusted in delivering value-added, industry-focused solutions with assurance on quality, professionalism and business ethics.


IDC Training House Sdn Bhd IDC Plant Technology Sdn Bhd IDC Creative Motivation Sdn Bhd  


Then and Now

IDC was incorporated in 1996 by Helen Seibt who has a dream – to combine her love of teaching with her desire to run her own business. Started humbly as a language centre serving the local communities, its operation was hit during the economic downturn in Malaysia in 1997.

Our founder was challenged with its first dilemma whether to alter, or to remain its core business in order to stay in the business world. A tough decision was made to venture into an untapped area of Technical Trainings for the Oil & Gas industry at that time. At that point of time, IDC Language & Training House took on a new name as IDC Training House – which has grown into a reputable Training Provider today, serving clients in more than 52 countries.

Today, IDC has established itself as a diversified multinational business entity – specializing in people development, engineering, sustainable living and green building design, also as global sourcing company dealing metal trade and PPE items. IDC recognizes the importance of ongoing integrity in our business practices. As such, we work hard to ensure all our associates and employees within IDC Group of Companies uphold the core values, ethics and principles in every business conduct.


IDC’s Core Values

Interest in clients and staff values
Desire to be the best to clients and staff
Commitment to deliver on promises


Our Companies


IDC Training House

Client centred, solution driven and strongly believe that “People Are Our Greatest Asset”. IDC Training House provides world-class training courses to empower your people for greater results and maximize the return-on-investment for your organization. Trusted by professionals from over 52 countries, with proven track record of service excellence. Through collaboration with leading Industry Experts, we deliver real-time and industry-focused solutions in the field of Petrochemical & Energy, Talent Development, and Management System.
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IDC Plant Technology

Helping industrial facilities across Europe, America and Asia to operate safely, reliably, economically and fulfil all required quality standards. IDC Plant Technology offers a whole range of Engineering, QA/QC and Expediting services for Industrial, Refinery, Chemical and Power Plants. Our scope covers technology, regulations and business management to minimize technical risks while optimizing the use of human, energy and financial resources.
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IDC Creative Motivation

Every person needs motivation - in order to achieve constant growth and fulfil its life purpose! IDC Creative Motivation has a strong passion to help people turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We see the need to assist and motivate others (regardless of gender, age, race, or religion) excel in their life – especially women, children, and novice entrepreneurs. Real life transformations have been witnessed in people from all walks of life through Life Runway - a platform for people to gather, inspire one another, support, and grow together. Their success stories give us confidence and assurance that we’re on the right track in changing lives!
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Malaysian German Resources

Malaysian German Resources Sdn Bhd (MGR) is a member of IDC Groups of companies. We established as global sourcing company since year 2006. MGR is a company dealing with international trading businesses with customers from Europe, EMEA, Africa and US region. We import and export products from various parts of the world. We have a distribution network all over Malaysia including our own products.

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